They are Brothers

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Brother Poems

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They can choose their friends
so their interests will blend
they can ask them to go away
at the end of the day
before they come to blows
and punch each other in the nose
but when God spoke and said call him brother
he knew he would love him like no other
they don't stand on common ground
yet their hearts are bound
the more they are with each other
you wonder how they came from the same mother
the oldest with blonde hair
and skin so fair
he's proud to be mom's little man
trying to fit into this world the best he can
for this brother nothing comes easy
life is not always soft and breezy
he's not sure how to get friends
music is where he finds he blends
he studies night and day
and dreams of being on his way
the youngest son with hair of brown
the kinda kid everyone loves having around
he makes you laugh he makes you smile
in his boots he's ran many a mile
never sitting still
fighting sleep with all his will
he's a daddy's boy
they play with all the same toys
he doesn't dream a lot
he's happy with what he's got
two totally different little men
yet such a wonderful blend
it will be an interest to watch as they grow
each making their own little row
planting seeds along the way
stopping often to say
thank you God for the differences in us
for blending us together we give you an A plus
one would not have chosen the other
to be his brother
but you were wise enough to know
that each and every year stronger our love would grow
they are still young
lots of life's lyrics yet to be sung
so opposite are they
it's hard to say
which will follow and which will lead
but if you were to cut one surely they both would bleed
because the love between them is strong
they can forgive each other for the wrongs
overcome all the childish feuds and fights
and count on each other every single night
they may be different but within them they are brothers
and that's one bond that can never be broken by others
in each of my sons I see the differences clearly
and still I love you both oh so dearly
both are special to me
and in my heart you will always be
I'm proud to call you my little men
and for the blessings you both have been
I thank God above
For our unconditional family love


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