Brother and Sister Poem

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Brother Poems

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When we were little we had so much fun
We were always on the run
Making pies out of mud
And playing in the park
Holding hands
While we fall to the ground
Laughing all the way down
So many boo boo's but we didn't care
Life was so grand back in those years.

Me with my Piano
Ronnie with his Guitar
Donnie with his Drums
Shelly with her Banjo   
Oh what a site
Mommy would hear nothing but screech

When day was over
And it was time to sleep
Ronnie would sing us a song
Oh, how sweet.
Donnie would tell us some stories
As crazy as they seemed
We laughed and we giggled
Until Mommy screamed.
Shelly would hug her teddy to sleep
And Charity the littlest of all
Just couldn't lay down
And would always clown around.
And me with my hush hush
Go to sleep.

These memories fill my mind
Of our childhood days so divine
The closeness we shared
The secrets we told
I wish I could go back to this time of old.

Now we are apart
And living separate lives
We have grown up
With families of our own
Guiding our little ones
Holding their hands
Kissing their Teddy Bears
Singing them songs.

I want you all to know
I will hold these memories deep in my heart
I love you all so dearly
And I wish we weren't apart.


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