Don't want to lose

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Brother Poems

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I don't want to lose something that I don't want loss
Love is such a powerful word
Why does it feel like something I never felt or heard?
My brother is a good friend to me
More than I could ever be
But shouldn't he have the right to be free?
Why should he have to use a shield againist me?
He says I attack him like a dog with a flea
But I am his sister that's what I'm suppose to do
I'm suppose to be there to him through and through
But am I being too much of a boss
I don't want to lose something that I don't want loss
I just don't want him to hurt anymore
He is my heart and my core
But could I do something to love him more?
I could play a game with hiim every once and a while
But when he's in trouble will he know which number to dial?
But i don't want to lose something I probably already loss
Why do we fight so much?
Is it because this is not a sister's touch?
I'm not his mother and I know it
But why is it every time he's in trouble I solve it?
I cried every night because I was so bored and troublesome
And it was because I wasn't the sister I should have become
But I bet he probably feels the same
I'm suppose to be a leader and stand for what is right
But is it really my fight?
He just needs someone to understand
But I'm sick of being a stick in the sand
Always telling when he does something wrong
Was I wrong all along?
I don't want to lose what's already bee lose
But sometimes he can be mean and cruel
But when i hear those four magic words
"I love you sis"
I know I didn't lose something I didn't want loss


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