Stand My Ground

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Child Abuse Poems

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Call Me A Name,
Kill Me With Your Words.
I'll Pretend Not To Care,
As I My Ground,
Because I Won't Back Down.

Can't Comprend,
Try To Understand.
Your Words Mean Nothing,
Just A Drunken Slur.
Meaningless Words...

Your In My Face,
I Can Smell The Alcohol In Your Breath.
You Draw Back Your Hand,
But I Don't Flinch.
I Wont Back Down.

My Expression Is Blank,
After Your Hand Hits My Face.
I Won't Cry.
You Don't Get The Satisfaction.
I'll Stand My Ground.

Mom Watches While Sobbing,
My Sister Stares In Disbelief,
As I Don't Shed A Single Tear.
Watching My Daddy's Face Carefully,
I Don't Show A Bit Of Fear.

I Know What Will Happen Next,
He'll Hit Me Again, Harder Than The Last.
I Brace Myself For The Second Blow,
But He Heads For The Door Instead,
Maybe This Time He'll Be Gone For Good.

He Comes Back A Few Hours Later,
Stammering His Apologies.
I Look At Him Blankly,
Does He Really Think I'll Forgive Him?
The Ignorant Fool.


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