My Goodbye Lullaby

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Child Abuse Poems

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Hush, little baby,
don't say a word-
Daddy holds the keys
to your entire world.

He can take away
all the things you love,
so do everything he says
when push finally comes to shove.

Hush, little baby,
don't cry at all-
Daddy's nasty agenda
doesn't allow you to bawl.

Paste on a smile,
remain firm and stout,
'cause Daddy will be sure to give you
lots of things to cry about.

Hush, little baby,
don't talk back-
Daddy loves to point out
everything you lack.

You're still just a child
in Daddy's hate-filled eyes-
you know you'll never be good enough,
so why even bother to try?

Hush, little baby,
lock it all away-
don't let Daddy hurt you
another f***ing day.

Daddy isn't good, baby,
he's truly screwed up, too-
he's just another prick
who'll never be able to get you.

Smile, little baby,
just walk right on by-
Daddy will regret this,
because this is my goodbye.



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