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Child Abuse Poems

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I'm a demon and I'm a saint
with traces of last night
still running through my veins

("you'll always be my little princess...")

plastic heroes and synthetic gods
all we want is to fill that hole
with something just a bit sweeter
than reality

("so innocent, so pure...just spin around for me...")

but little princess
oh, I see the truth...
even with the syringe
shoved in my arm

("look at my baby...so beautiful...come to Daddy...")

every bitter drop
pushing me further
into utter oblivion--
I never knew
could be so freeing

("no, don't cry...you just...you just look so beautiful...")

shutting down
every thought
every memory
creating a picture
of perfect happiness

("you smell so good...Daddy loves his princess...I'll show you...")

and with every new high
a new piece to the picture
a perfect family
a perfect little princess
showing what could've been
but never was

("SHUT UP!  Please...Daddy's just having a little fun...")

and still,
I find myself
trapped inside that costume
in my father's eyes
and I will never be
anything more
than what he said I was

("good girl...I'll always love you...
you'll always be my little princess...")



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