Ziggy Meister

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Christmas poems for kids

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 Ziggy Meister

So you thought you saw me-
I wasn't standing there-
I'm far more clever than you think
To hide behind a chair.

My name is Ziggy Meister
I'm one of Santa's men
And if you think I'm having fun
You better think again

I find it hard to concentrate
With all the noise you make
So if you know what's good for you
You'll be good for goodness sake

My job is pretty easy
I simply hang around
And every single move you make
I have to jot it down

Good or bad I hand it all
To Santa for review
And when he's done he checks it off
And says,"Your job is through."

Santa looks for children
Who are filled with joy and glee
Ones who don't just stand around
Screaming,"ME, ME, ME."

Everything was going well
until the other day
When Mommy tried to talk to you
You screamed out,"GO AWAY"

Then there was the time
you pulled poor puppy's tail
He wasn't hurting anyone
Yet you made him wail

Remember that mess you made
Where Daddy sets his key
And when Daddy asked you,"Who?"
You said,"It wasn't me"

Your sister / brother needed help
You laughed and turned away
And when she / he asked you for the game
You said,"You don't know how to play"

This isn't my first time here
I think that you should know
When I was first assigned to you
It was not long ago

There was a time when manners
Played an important part
In everything you said or did
You did it with your heart

This is the only warning
I am allowed to send
And if you value what I say
This attitude will end

So IF you want the toys
And all those nifty things
You'll throw away the horns
And put back on the wings


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