Cabins and Horses

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Cowboy Poems

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I should have been a horse, and realized that as a lass.
A childhood love for blaze face mares, simply would not pass.
Every night, four stocking feet pranced proudly through my dreams,
In seas of grass, and skies too big, in icy clear blue streams.

There were horses all around, running Craven Crik, and Willow,
While wishes for my own fell in tear stains on my pillow.
I knew I’d simply die, without a horse to brush and clean,
When “Rowdy” entered my life at the age of sweet sixteen.

I might have had a sweetheart, I really don’t remember,
‘Cause now, I had a horse to love, from spring up through December.
And Rowdy is a mom today, with T.C. at her side..
A gangly yearling colt, on the banks of the Alkali.

With horses all around them, running Craven Crik, and Willow,
While wishes to be with them, fall in tear stains on my pillow.
I just can’t be a city girl, it’s back home I want to be.
Just horses, grass and mountains, that’s good enough for me.

I know a little meadow with lupine amidst the flowers,
Where I can dream ‘bout streets of gold, for hour upon hour.
A cabin in the pine, would be my mansion on this land,
A place to raise my horses, with the “Lazy SA” brand.

I should have been a horse, and I knew even as a lass,
A childhood love, for blaze face mares, would simply never pass.


avatar David Kelley
Just so folks migh know, I wrote this poem for a young lady, and about a young lady, with tidbits of knowledge provided by her. It was a pleasure to visit her again in this piece, it's been a while.
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