One Salty Tear

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Cowboy Poems

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He had his old worn cowboy hat
Pulled down over his sad brown eyes
Tryin' to hide one salty tear
Just as I was happenin' by.

Cowboy Daddy always told me
That he was built really tough
Just the same as his Daddy was
Their outside edges, a bit rough.

I snuck a glimpse inside his heart
On that frosty December day
Didn't know I was takin' a peak
So I just kept outa the way.

He was sayin' so long to Mama
Ever so gently holdin' her hand
He would now be ridin' alone
Over the peaceful prairie land.

How precious that moment for me
When I saw just ONE salty tear
Creepin' down Cowboy Daddy's cheek
When he wasn't aware I was near.

Written by Luana Chamness


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