Dreams and Wishes

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Dream Poems

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William Tozzi

The blind man dreams that he can see,
the mute that he can talk.
The deaf man dreams that he can hear,
the lame that he can walk.

The young man dreams of what's to come,
in years that lie ahead.
The old man dreams of yesterday,
and longs for youth, instead.

Most things we have in life are worth
a lot more than they seem.
What is reality for me,
could be your wildest dream.

We wish that we were someone else,
or in some other spot.
We fail to treasure what is ours,
not seeing what we've got.

At times, I wish that I were you,
you might wish you were me.
What are those certain traits we have,
that makes an entity?

We wish for what's beyond our reach,
sometimes beyond the earth.
That which is easy to obtain,
seldom has any worth.

If we never followed a dream,
or wished upon a star,
We'd miss out on the chance to be
much better than we are.

So, always keep those dreams alive,
don't let them fade away.
It's possible, one of your dreams
may come true on this day.


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