Are dreams a reflection of illusion ?

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Are dreams a reflection of illusion ?

 Dixie Lady

Are dreams a reflection of illusion
Or illusions a view of our dreams?
Do illusions have substance at all?
This is the way that it seems.

Are dreams a reflection of reality?
Does reality really exist?
Are dreams and illusions the real us?
And why do they seem to persist.

Do dreams cause illusions,
And illusions rub off on the real?
If dreams and illusions are fiction.
Then why do we think  as we feel?

Are dreams  a part of reality?
Reality an illusion too?
How can we tell the difference?
And what are we supposed to do?

If we stop all our dreams
And kill our illusions,
Facing life as reality square.
Can we draw any conclusions?

I prefer to keep all my dreams
All of my illusions too.
Reality I don't really need,
So I will give that all to you.


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