Come to the Cross

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Easter Poems

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Come to the Cross

Come to the Cross
forgive us of our sins
Come to the Cross
and cleanse us deep within ~
My blessed Saviour
reach into my heart
Embrace me with
the shelter of Your arms.

When I'm alone
You are always there
When I am lost
enveloped in despair ~
Jesus my friend
You guide me through the nighttime
For without You
the stars would never shine.

Your light is bright
shining from the Cross
Your love is great
without You I am lost ~
I thank You Lord
for the promise of Your Word
The blood You shed
was more than I deserve.

Your love for me
across the oceans wide
Is higher than
the mountains to the sky ~
Oh blessed gift
You gave just for me
That day You chose
to die on Calvary.

My sins forgiven
by Your precious blood
My troubles eased
the battle has been won ~
The promise of
the Cross that stood alone
The day you gave
Your life for mine alone.

Come to the Cross
and bow before His name
Come to the Cross
its promise still remains ~
His love and grace
His sacrifice for me
Will never change
for all Eternity


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