Red Rpse and Easter Sunday

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Easter Poems

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By Miles Patrick Yohnke
2010 All Rights Reserved.

A young woman goes out,
She goes out searching.
Dazzled by it,
In wonderment.
Her feet rest at a place they call,
Heaven on earth.
It's Easter Sunday.

From those women and men of great,
Spirit, intelligence, and strength,
Who came before her and said 'yes' to life,
This is a place called heaven on earth.
Her feet rest as she lies down,
What lies before her reads:
Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
It's Easter Sunday.

She weeps with gratitude for this person's life,
As her life is built solely on love;
About the oneness of the creator and of the creation.
It's Easter Sunday.

Pioneer peoples with vision and courage in changing times,
She can follow in their footsteps.
In awe of all that has come before,
And of devotion to each other.
It's Easter Sunday.

She places there a lone red rose.
It's Easter Sunday.
It's Easter Sunday.


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