Instruments of Righteousness

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Famous Inspirational Poems

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Let me be Your Instrument of life

Let me be the melody in Your song

I will be Your drum line and fix what is wrong

I will be the heart beat of Your life

Use me in any way

I will compose You a song

I will do what ever You say

Your words is never wrong

I feel like crying of joy

I need to be Your instrument of love

I will praise and cherish Your words of joy

Our world needs Your Love

The music You compose

Itís divine to my ears

You remove all my fears

With Your words I compose

I like the sound of Your divine voice

It bring life into a lifeless world

It doesnít make a lot of noise

It bring peace to my world

Sirbestian Nzula


avatar Reno
Superbly illumintaing data here, thanks!
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