I Believe

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Gay Poems

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I Believe

Reaching out for help, but no one comes.
Reaching out to take what has been offered, but having nothing to give in return.
Reaching out into the emptiness, hoping there is someone there to hold.
Reaching into myself to give more than I have.
Reaching in to find myself, but dreading what I've found.
Reaching in to my beliefs and finding that they belong to someone else.
Holding out my heart to someone I love so much, but it goes unnoticed.
Holding out from doing the things I know are right but am afraid to do.
Holding out from doing the things I think are wrong, but would like to do anyway.
Holding in my hopes and dreams so that when they shatter, no one else will be aware to worry about me.
Holding in my beliefs so that others will not make fun of me or feel that I've infringed upon their beliefs.


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