Ready to Graduate Poem

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Graduation poems

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Ready to Graduate Poem

This story reflects
On what happened before
It begins in the fall
Of 1994

We reentered the building
Full of uncertainty
Of what the future held
Of what middle school would be

A change of schedule
A change of pace
Looking around
At a whole new place

We learned to adjust
To our new life
Often filled with joy
But sometimes with strife

There were many jokes
Like the big glass door
The legends of Chuck
And the purple dinosaur

Then seventh grade
A spectacular time
A group was born
Whose goal was to rhyme

The snack machine arrived
And Beech-Nuts were the hit
But the machine ran out

Also arriving
Were many new members
We can't say their names
Because they wouldn't rhyme

Before we knew it
It was our final year
We had reached the summit
Of our Kraybill career

Athletics were good
As everyone saw
Some were great
Some not at all

The Ride was the name
Of our eighth grade play
To our surprise
We did okay

We went to New York
For our class trip
We all bought Oakleys
And strengthened friendships

Now is the end
And this is the date
We all stand here together
Ready to graduate


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