A Funny Graduation Poem

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Graduation poems

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A Funny Graduation Poem

Graduation time at last!
These past few years have gone by so fast--
All those kids you loathed or feared
Now seem like pals...it's kinda weird.

You start to miss the jocks and geeks.
Those hall-passes for taking leaks.
You miss the endless morning bells.
You even miss that kid who smells.

Nope, no more proms or football games.
No more calling roll call names.
No more teachers to elude.
No more cafeteria food.
(yeah right....dinning hall food is worse *s*)
And so the time has really come
As you step up to the podium,
Your relatives begin to cheer
(Geez--you wish they'd disappear!).

But secretly, you love it all,
Each speech, each cheer, each loud cat-call
The teachers who got on your nerves,
The class brain who destroyed the curves

And with that thought you realize
It's time to say your last good-byes.
But you will be back, so never fear...


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