A poisoned girl with hate and anger

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Hate Poems - Poems about Hatred

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A poisoned girl with hate and Anger

A poisoned girl with hate and anger
Who has nothing left to live for
Looking in all the wrong places for love and acceptance
Drowning her pain and sorrow's in alcohol and drugs
Coming to us with broken dreams, and lost hope
Many lovers' she has had
But none who really cared
To them she was just a good lay
Nothin they would kill for
With them she thought she had found the acceptance
But all she found was another pain
She became the holder of another life
She hated to do it
But she knew she couldn't care for another, when she couldn't even care for herself
When she had at last found a love
They looked at her in disbelief
"How could you be like that, so unclean, and un-pure?"
They scream at her
With hate in her heart, and hate all around her
Where does she go to be free, to be happy?
Killing is no longer the answer
Many times she has tried, but failed
No one in this world cares that she is human to
Will they ever understand?
I guess we'll never know
I guess we should finally let go of the hate.
by  Lynnette


avatar perfer not say i have my reasons
i agree! it was a nice poem very inspirational, and and i see lots of imagery.
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