Hate is destructive

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Hate Poems - Poems about Hatred

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Hate has a destructive power.
Innocent people can be caught in its shower.
Some people these feelings they try to hide
But one can not ignore what is deep down inside.
Unleashing it others try to do
Yet these hostile feelings are never through.
Overcoming this desire is the only way.
Sadly to do so there is a price to pay.
Negative internal thoughts can never be fulfilled.
They must be positively resisted before they can build.
Pride which makes even anger look pale
Must internally never prevail.
Decades later thoughts keep returning
Of a childhood pain that left over yearning
For a way for that person to somehow get back
At the one for whom just rewards seem to lack.
Hate breeds Hate with no end in sight
So against these feelings some try to fight.
Flawed human beings will not completely succeed
In the war against pride, revenge, and hate.
The war is not over if one should fall.
Against all odds love conquers all.


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