Losing Control

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Hate Poems - Poems about Hatred

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I'm losing my mind,
Just thinking of you.
I've lost all control,
And don't know what to do.

What do I turn to?
Where do I go?
My life is so blue,
I'm ten feet below.

All the nights,
Of dreams and tears.
Have turned my fictions,
Into life long fears.

My life was perfect,
Until I met you.
I want that life back,
So why don't you shoo.

Get out of my head,
Just go away.
I'm going to bed,
Tomorrow's a new day.

ok fine,
Don't go away.
Come back sweetie,
I'm melting like clay.

I might still miss you,
But I'm truely done.
This is the real truth.
I'm stopping your fun!


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