Call her an Angel

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Inspirational Friendship Poems

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Angel as I call her though not her real name

she smiles as warmly and as candidly for frame

and her soft voice engulfs the silence completely

when we first talked it filled the ambience so sweetly

We just met by chance on a lovely spring day

yet the friendship turned as ardent as the blooms of May

deeper and warmer our friendship has become

but seems impossible that we may become one

affection and devotion I must confess

through messages conveyed vividly I express

Days passed and still I'm waiting

for to see her again is all that i keep wishing

the flowers fade; the sun rises aglow

still picture of her in my mind still flows

With sheer excitement I totally bequeathed

to this strong feeling that beats from beneath

every word from her so precious as ever

the exchanges we made seem endless like never

Miles away I'm hoping that she's always fine

that even a genius creature can hardly define

the love and concern as a friend I share

through this humble piece I show my care

Oh Angel, my dear wherever you may be!

memories still linger since you've been a part of me

lovingly and dearly you’re indeed a friend

that I always cherish till this life's end


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