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Inspirational Friendship Poems

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Follow me when your road leads to nowhere

When everything is going to somewhere

Where your dreams may not be real

And the future may be unclear

Follow me each time you make a step

And the gloomy days may be swept

With tears of joy and wonderful smiles

As our journey through the miles

Leads to happiness all the while

Follow me and I shall set you free

When your wishes are to be

Fully granted, sturdy as a tree

Standing still through natureís test

Above all, freely towers the rest

Follow me as you sail through

Waves and hurdles against though

Yet surfing still, at our last will

Where courage keeps you standing still

And even the most potent are all nil

Follow me all throughout your days remaining

As long as the sun keeps on shining

And the hopes that you keep longing

Forever shall be instilled

With God everything will be prevailed

Follow me and trust in the Lord forever

For I must not lead you to nowhere

Even the roads may be narrower

The future is always bright

And the destination will be in sight

For no evil shall prevail no more

And heavenís right there in store


avatar mary mason
this poem was very touching i loved it
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