Your True Self

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Inspirational Friendship Poems

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To show your true self would be a crime
You don't want anyone to know that you cry
You act so happy to make them smile
But behind closed doors nothing's worth while
You cry when you spend the night
Because I'm the only one who will listen
All those you were there for turn their backs
But I'm always here for you and you know that
So tell me all secrets
And feed me no more lies
And I'll try and help you through and this pain inside.


avatar Hannah Burnis
Wow! this poem is really inspirational! i'm going to use it for a project for school, we call it the american dream project, it's a 15-20minute speech about our past and how we have grown from it. it is also about what we see ourselves like in the future! thank you so much for helping me!
I'll DEFINATELY recomend the website to people!!!
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