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-Translated from a discourse given by Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu endearingly called Gaurang has been a great saint & devotee in India. The aim of his life was to work & behave in a way which would inspire others to practise morality, religion & social discipline, and also help them make their life progressive.

He went to a small town in Bengal. He asked the local residents of the town: "Who is the most dangerous man of this town?"

People said: "It is Maghai and only Maghai."

"Gaurang: "Go and get him here."

People: "Oh Great One! He keeps drinking alcohol the whole day, speaks abusive language and does not believe in saints."

Gaurang: "It does not matter. We need to spread the message of Divine Love of God. We need to express the form-less love of God. Go and get him."

One of the disciples of Gaurang accepted his command respectfully and went to call Maghai. When he reached the house of Maghai he saw him drinking alcohol in such a large quantity as if it was water and not alcohol. The disciple said to the drunk Maghai:

"Lets go, My Guruji is calling you."

As soon as Maghai heard him he threw the glass bottle of wine on the head of the disciple and started speaking bad things about Gaurang. Blood started flowing out of the forehead of the disciple. He came back and said to Gaurang:

"Oh Lord! I went to Maghai's place and told him that the Lord was remebering him so he should come along with me. He started speaking foul language about you and attacked me with the bottle of wine, thereafter blood oozed out of my forehead."

Gaurang took care of that disciple by putting necessary bandage on his wound and said to his other disciples: "You all go and get Maghai. If he is ready to come on his own then it is well and good but otherwise get hime here forcefully. Remember not to hurt him even if he is rude."

Around 8-10 disciples went to Maghai and held him forcefully and got him to Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu told the disciples to make him lie on a mattress on the floor.

Now the drunk man was too scared. He thought that preparations are being made to beat him.

The drunk man was made to lie on the mattress. The man was both drunk & tired therefore as he lay on the soft mattress he went off to sleep. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu went and sat by his feet and slowly started massaging his lotus-feet.

Maghai got scared & got up. He thought: 'What is he doing?' But as soon as his eyes met the eyes of Gaurang he was surprised:

'Oh! Chaitanya Mahaprabhu himself is tenderly massaging my feet!'

Surprisingly he said: "Oh Great Soul! I'm a drunkard. I hurt one of your disciples with the bottle and made his forhead bleed. And still what are you doing? You are massaging my feet. Is it that you are punishing me or is it something else? I cannot understand anything."

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: "No No! You are a very nice person. You have immense strength of the soul. My only request to you is that you divert your stength of soul towards God."

The liberal nature of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, and His divine appearence & divine touch changed the nature of the drunkard man so much that later on he became one of the main disciples of Gaurang.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu did not think that 'What did he give me? How does it matter to me?' On the contrary he thought 'What is my goal?' The thought of his goal made Gaurang make efforts to work for the welfare of the drunkard person. And the person who was the most dangerous & drunkard became a great devotee of God. Even today people feel blessed to remember about the kindness & liberal attitude of Gaurang.

No social service can be considered to be small in nature. One has to keep this in mind that all services should be done to attain the love of God. Do not work to nurture your pride but work to make pride disappear at the feet of God.

When the seed disappears into the soil then a tree appears. Similarly when the pride disappears then the Supreme Soul appears. Therefore all the work done in this life should be aimed not for nurturing the pride, not for selfishness, not for fame & position in the society, but for the welfare of all & love of God. By doing so fame becomes your servant even when you do not desire that and soon you'll also realize the true-self of God.

Om Bliss... Om Bliss... Om Bliss...


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