Hijab Poem

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Islamic Poem

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What is so wrong in this deed

That is practiced by my creed?

All over the world,

At us insults are hurled,

Women in Islam are oppressed,

They are constantly being suppressed,

They can never realize their potential!

Until, they who lust after desires sensual,

See the futility of their lives,

Which happiness of them deprives,

But soon, they shall enter Islam in droves,

When they see its hidden troves,

And regret their previous acts,

When they understand the facts,

Behind Hijab, the tool of liberation!

Of total freedom it is the summation,

Rectify their earlier lack of knowledge,

And give thanks for being released from their bondage,

Await eagerly the appearance of the Imam promised,

Who will personify "Truth has come and falsehood has vanished.


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