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Jesus Poems

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Take time to enjoy each baby step,
we take as we travel this sod,
take time to smell the roses,
and communicate with God.
Take time to watch the twinkling stars,
and remember God loves you,
no matter where you are.
Take time to stop each day and rest,
and talk with Jesus,
you will be blessed.
Take time to enjoy the sunshine,
and each drop of rain,
counting each blessing,
even in great pain.
Take time to listen,
to your brother and sister too,
remember that is what Jesus would do.
Take time to thank God,
for the awesome things He has done,
especially for salvation,
through Jesus His Son.
Take time to enjoy each sound,
each sight and fragrance,
along life's way,
never forgetting, God loves you,
no matter what man may say.
---- Winston Staples---


avatar lily
thank you for such a thoughtful poem i needed to hear each heart felt messages in each line God bless!
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