The Daddy Sound

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The Daddy Sound

I heard the "Daddy Sound,"
the reassuring, comfort sound
he, and only he, could make
to which I often fell asleep.

It was an evening sound,
an after-bedtime sound,
which sometimes I could hear,
and knew I was protected.

It was his sound, and his alone;
rough, rhythmic, brushing.
It was a magic part of childhood,
a special moment I could hear.

I grew up, moved away and married,
began a family of my own,
and forgot the comfort of
the "Daddy Sound."

Then one ordinary day,
after relaxing shower,
I calmly thoughtfully scratched myself
and heard a buried memory:

The "Daddy Sound" from long ago.
Stunned in shock, I stood
and realized what I'd heard
and treasured all those years.

That special, magic sound, so comforting,
was mundane, simple - and somewhat crude.
My father was simply, leisurely -
scratching his hairy behind.


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