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Poems about Hope

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Holding on to endless dreams Countless of hopes that my never seem To realize all that should abide With the longing of pure joy just ends with snide The infinite horizon time shall bare and tell When and where will all of these be felt? Without the things thatís been yearned All of these are nothing but just spare Each day have passed still hopes remain That dreams may be realized amid the pain Laughters and tears are all but solemn With no one to express emotions canít be hidden The clock has been a good companion Waiting for the right moment to hold on Each tick seems louder than ever Oh mother time who could ever stop you from running? For this infinite sadness shall arrest sooner! Silence has been a deafening sound Muffled by joyful memories just astound When I kissed your lips moments are recalled Your absence arouses reminiscence unwillingly Those times so precious lest gone forever This scanty abode has been a lone witness To those shattered dreams that passed the nights out And these four empty corners fueled the tantrums fiercely The loneliness shall cease with the endless hopes flow freely Gone shall the solitary days soon! Oh Father we need you so this emptiness shall be made boon Time can tell so we must not just easily fall Bliss shall soon be at hand as happily as one can call


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