Time of Uncertainty

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Poems about Hope

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By Miles Patrick Yohnke
2009 All Rights Reserved.

night falls before the unknown,
my twisted back, and a glimpse of hope,
my mind races, fear in all places.

under a knife, in the hands of another,
perhaps an incision, a hole thru my skin,
can they make me better again,
please help him make me better again.

anti-inflammatories, sleeping pills,
demerol, steroids, codeine,
take this weight away from me please,
set this body free,
set my body free.

destroyed and devastated from the inside,
drowning in an infinite sadness,
take this pain,
release this pain.

despite the insecurity of my despair,
on my spiritual foundation I'm planted I swear,
to keep my soul intact,
please keep my soul intact.

mirror, mirror on that wall,
only thru him shall this curtain of torment fall,
please give me peace,
a piece of your peace.

Will this end well?


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