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Poems about life

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March rolled in this year,
like a gentle lamb,
it is cold and sunny,
a little chick-a dee sits on a branch,
as the snow flurries,
from a floating cloud above,
begin to flutter down.
There are some birds,
flying across the way,
to see what the neighbors feeder,
as to offer them today;
I sit here watching,
and I am amazed with God's creation,
and how everything moves,
moves in unity held in His hands.
His amazing Grace was a salvation plan,
His love put in place,
when Satan's false words caused  the fall,
yes, temping words caused the fall of man.
Amazing Grace is an awesome plan,
to give a second chance,
to enter back into fellowship,
with God the Father,
by the shed blood of God's only SON,
as convicted by God's Holy Spirit.
Oh, let us come and worship,
God the Father, God the Spirit and God the Son!
~Winston Staples


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