What is the meaning of life Poem

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Poems about life

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 what is the meaning of life Poem ?

There are things in life that we don't understand,
Maybe that's because we are just mortals, called man.
Why are we all here what does our life mean,
For life is very often not what it would seem.

When we are born answers we do not seek,
For at this young age we are still quite meek.
Then as time goes on for the reasons we do search,
But they are hard to find even in the church.

In schools the answers they will try and teach,
In churches all the gospels they try to preach.
What are we doing here what is the reason,
If we do not believe is it a form of treason.

Then we grow up our own ideas to form,
These are often quite different causes a storm.
With all these strange thoughts a type of stress,
All they achieve is to make our lives a mess.

Our children are born new ideas to teach,
Not all of them they grasp some stay out of reach.
Their minds we try to form we like to make the rules,
You know what kids are like stubborn as mules.

As they grow older make up their own minds they do,
Never mind what parents said they do what they want to do.
With all the trouble the toil and the strife,
Does anyone know what's the meaning of life


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