Colors of Life

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Poems about life

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Colors of Life

Many years ago I met a wonderful man,
Before we married we had to make a plan.
For we had a problem that was a fact,
As at this time there was the Immorality Act.

A life of fear and hiding away,
Even being careful of what I say.
Why did I feel that I did not belong,
Because I loved a man whose colour was wrong.

What was wrong with this beautiful land of ours,
Why was I hated even through the working hours.
I loved a man who happened to be black,
But it matters not I would not look back.

They thought it would help to put me in jail,
But even through these times our love did not pale.
Our resolve did not wane it just grew stronger,
In jail for a month I would have done longer.

Did they do it to try and alter my mind,
Never I was in love with one of a kind.
All it did was hurt but never feelings of shame,
And my mind would not change all the same.

For many years we suffered this pain,
But if asked we would do it again.
Our love is stronger than Apartheid,
Never apart even though all the hate.

Now times have changed since ninety four,
We don't have to hide or be afraid any more.
Our love we show for all to see,
What happened then is all history.

As things were better a family to start,
It could only get better said my heart.
The law has changed but not all the strife,
I have seen it all the colour of life.


avatar texun2000
i love this - i am assuming it was written by a South African... As a South African, now livin in the US - I still see the rainbow.....colors distinctly different, except my observation is across many boundaries - racial, orientation.... It would be my hope that in our lifetie we start to see true acceptance and integration, with no boundaries...all for one, and one for all...

Thank you for sharing - this is beautiful!!
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