Life's Questions

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Poems about life

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Life's Questions

The questions are often risen
Why do I feel? Why do I cry?
What is my purpose inlife?
Who am I? Who will I become?
Am I doing the right thing?
Is everything really okay?
Will I be a succes or a failure?
These are all the things that worry me
How will I get through this?
Do I look pretty? Is my hair okay?
Will I persue my dreams?
Or give up on them
Like I did on life and love?
Am I in love? Is he faithful?
Can I trust him? Should I lie?
They are the important things in life
How do I let go? Why is it so hard?
How do you console yourself?
The most important question
is the one always left unanswered
What would have been?


avatar Kelsey E. Mercer
Great Poem. These are some of the many questions, that I can definitly relate to you. I'm only 16 and still things are very hard. I alwyays sit and wonder on what exactly life is going to bring..Will it be good? Will it be bad? So many questions, and still, many of them are unanswered. Thank yo you Del Sen for this wonderful poem, it really makes you sit and wonder about what we call LIFE!
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