When I was just a Boy

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Poems about life

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     “When I was just a Boy”

Often times that my mind drifts back to my childhood days,

When things were so much simpler in so many ways.

I would run and jump and play, things I no longer have time for today.

My mom and dad were young, and oh so at peace,

Now my dad is gone, and my mom's pain seems never to cease.

Troubles and cares seemed miles and miles away,  

Now a' days it seems as though ,they are here and no doubt will stay.

But as I think of my Grandpa and Grandma,

my sorrow turns to Joy, as I remember what they used to say to me


When I was just a boy.

No matter how hard life seems to be in every way,


It will all be worth it when we get to Heaven,

On that Beautiful Glorious Day.

Written by : Gregory W. Gore


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