My Closet

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Poems about life

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There is a closet in my house

That is full of all my "stuff"

And I keep cramming things in there

Whenever I've had enough

My closets full of guilt

Thatís piled on top of sham

Thereís anger there and sorrow

And emotions I canít name

Thereís a lack of understanding

But that space is filled with doubt

And many more emotions

That are crying to get out

My closet holds resentments

That I have long forgotten

I stuff it full of memories

That have made my life so rotten

But now my closets gotten full

So I decided that today

It was time to clean my closet out

And throw this "stuff" away

So I pulled out all the shame

And emptied it out first

Cause of all the other feelings

It's the one that hurts the worst

Next to go was guilt

And I fallowed it with tears

I couldnít understand why I

Had kept this stuff for years

I threw away resentments

Then took anger off the shelf

And discarded it with the pity

Iíd been keeping for myself

Then I noticed something

That I hadn't seen before

A tightly wrapped up bundle

Lying on my closet floor

I carefully unwrapped it

Like an old forgotten toy

And much to my surprise I found

A frightened little boy

"Who are you" I asked him

He looked at me and smiled

"Surely you remember me"

"I am your inner child"

I stared at him in disbelief

For somewhere back in time

The little boy who smiled at me

Had been a friend of mine

"Yes I remember you" I said

"We used to play together"

"But I haven't seen you for so long"

"I thought you were gone forever."

"No Iíve been here" his small voice said

His sadness did astound me

"Iíve called to you but you couldn't hear"

"Cause of all this "stuff" around me"

"I don't know why you keep it"

"Or what purpose it could serve"

"But the sadness that it brings to you"

"Is much more than you deserve"

"Iím glad that it is gone"

"And that you have finally found me"

"Now always keep me close to you"

"And let love and joy surround me"

"Please keep me close and play with me"

"And visit with me oftenĒ

Cause when you pile that "stuff" on me

"Your closet becomes my coffin"

I'll not forget the lessons that I have learned today"

For if you clean your closet out

Thereíll be much more room for play.


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