The Willing well

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Poems about life

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Messages from Zanadu come cheaper every day
Go to any corner store,
Buy a set for the dunny score
And ponder your cares away!

There are psalms for our tutorial
Desperately met, the Prophets cry!
"Enlightened be, Blessed child of the Earth"
"To the equal amount
Of psalms that you buy!"

There are brand new doctors of philosophy
To bring to us via cable TV
A hard cover copy of the 'the meaning of life'!,
Amanual to spare us from terror and strife
Then tell us,our copy, aint free!

So we gaze bright eyed skyward 'n whisper our wishes,
And our prayers are resounded by satellite dishes,
'Tis the voice that will save us, like lightning come thunder...
..But first, he/she needs your credit card number!..

There is a presence amongst us and so 'tis agreed,
'Tis some glorious spiritual energy feed
And each and every 'child of the Earth'...
Is blessed with its power some time before birth.

{Some say we forget it was some 'gift of faith'
Through all the excitment and chaos of birth,
Some spirits remember!, they trans-levitate,
to become the heros of time on this Earth.}

One inspiration common place,
In all beliefs this rite appears,
when hopelessness comes call to heed,
Keep faith with yourself and be firm with your fears,
For to love in a long life and be wealthier still,
One need only to match the wish
with the will.

LeGreen 1998


avatar Monica
Wow!!!! I really feel this poem. Thanks you!
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