Forgive and forget

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Poems about life

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It's a thing of the past
I like to forget yet
it always rewind and it never stops.
I shall never pass this way again
so I tell myself yet it comes back to haunt me
when I am sad, confused
and reminds me of my terrible past.

What is it that I have done
that won't leave me alone and get on
with my life.  Ah, that's is the big question
in my life! That skeleton of my life hidden in the
dark closet of my past that scares me
that will one day come alive. It's the ghost
we have all created in each of us.

There is always something in life left behind that
will always take us back to those days we
made terrible mistakes...yet no matter
how much we try to forget them,
bury them, ignore them,
or cloak ourselves in denial with them...will
always take us back two steps behind
though we thought we were one
step ahead in life.

Mistakes are made in life and we
do learn from them. You do what is best and
get your life together. The things that you have
done through the years sometimes will
not balance your mistakes with your
good deeds. There is a certain price you
got to pay...the good deeds do not outdo the one
mistake you did. How come you ask...
"Why it does not work that way?
Because life is not like a simple math...
It's a lot more complicated than that!

You got to undo that mistake.
But how? Relive your life once again...
and promise yourself not to make that mistake once again
in that cycle of your life.
But who wants to relive life just
because to correct the mistakes you made in the past
rather than going onwith a promising life now?

Come on, let's forgive and forget! Live and let live!


avatar jasmine
Not the best poem but its alright though.
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