I've learned in Life

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Poems about life

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I've learned in Life
an original from Don Allan Dinio

Iíve learned that color, height, race or religion
does not make any difference in life if you do
what is right and know your rights. If you let
people step on you, you will get crushed.
If you know and insist of your rights, surely...
you will survive...barely but be successful!

I learned that there is a big difference between
patriotism and nationalism other than they are
spelled differently. They are of course not
synonyms especially when you think of those
who fought and died for the things we enjoy in
our daily lives and take for granted...living in
freedom yet complain about what goes with it!

I've learned that real few true friends are better than
your own brothers and sisters. It is too bad that you
are not given a choice when it comes to brothers
and sisters. That is one biggest mistake Whoever
created us, He did not give us a choice. With
selections of friends, you do. Take advantage
of it...you can trade the bad ones with the good,
besides it's free.

I've learned that someone out there will try to bring
you down no matter what...a friend - supposed to be -
a relative even your own brother or sister, sometimes
even your own life-time partner, a neighbor, a co-worker,
or a plain stranger. Stay focused and you will achieved
your goal, your purpose and accomplished your dream.

I've learned that you cannot measure a true friendship
just because neither you or your friend don't have
enough time to spend together; call or see each other
every day. The true test of friendship is when you need
help - financially or morally - they come to your rescue
even without asking when you never have seen such
friend for a long time. Time is the true measure of any
kind of relationship - quality time that is!

I've learned that children are the best people to learn
from; they are the best teachers of life itself as innocent
as they maybe. Some of the questions they ask might
sound silly but if you dissect and listen to their querries,
you will be amazed that most of the things they ask
make a lot of sense. My six-year old grandson asked
me one day...'Why do you have to work grandpa? '
I have to grasp for an answer that is acceptable to him;
something he can understand and comprehend when
he was having so much fun with me - priceless and...
I have to leave!

I've learned long time ago and will learn tomorrow that
a lot of people like you not because of what you are
but because of what they have in mind; because of what
you have in your wallet; because of what kind of car
you drive; what kind of job and salary you take home;
what kind of home or development you live in;
I would rather have friends come to me for advice, then
end up drinking and be merry rather than friends
coming over to be merry and cannot find them when
Iím lost, feel empty and need company!

I've learned in life...that the twenties are the golden
years; the thirties are the years of identity search,
the forties are decades of learning; the fifties are
the twilight years, the sixties are years something
hard to describe and definitely...the seventies are
hard to remember!


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