Another Birthday?

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Poems about life

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an original from Don Allan Dinio

As we grow older from year to year,
we find ourselves conscious of the number of how old we get.
Whereas, we should be conscious of how much
we have accomplished in our lifetime;

How much we have survived another year of challenge;
how much we have maintained a harmonious relationship
with our family, our friends, and our loved ones;

How much we have grown in wisdom and experience;
how much we have shared and contributed joy and
laughter to others, sympathy and compassion
to those who needed it most and influenced and
made a big difference in their lives.

How much we have learned from life's experience
itself and from others; shared such knowledge and
aged wisdom to others and have grown within us;

How much is there really in getting old knowing
we will only pass this way once in our lifetime?

How are we going to be remembered by our friends
and loved ones when we are six feet down?

What matters most really is not how long we live...
but how we live life?


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