Words of Wisdom

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Poems about life

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There once was a man of Westminster

Who's motives for me ended sinister.


Three times he charmed and detached.


Each time he surreptitiously attached ......


His anathematizing to me.

His happiness with me did not abide.


Truth he virulently attempted to hide.


Morphing and spurning my humanity.


With immoral frauds and duplicity.......


To end his inauthentic fugues.

For his want of others I had to pay.


For his happiness I still foolishly pray.


For my serenity I guard and protect.

He’ll never again reject or disrespect….

Humanity God gives me to extend.

He always left with a six word abjuration.

His words creating a future affirmation.


"I just want to be happy," he cruelly said.

Three words of wisdom crept in my head......




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