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Poems about life

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Life is short, so live it right.

Live it well with heaven in sight.

Use your hands for the good of the people,

remember the Sabbath, under the steeple.


Live with love and heart, yet be firm.

When we get to that day, and in turn,

He will say well done with your story,

Well done sweat, tears, and blood gory.


Though it's tough, and you want the gun,

just remember this, oh my son,

Work, fight, and they remember thy,

How he got through pushing away that sigh.


In essence awe, the glory of God,

who broke the dark and the sobs

Built you perfect with plan in mind,

and forgave you when you went blind.


So live life now without the knife of fear,

and keep the focus in crystal so clear.

When I die, will you remember me?

And leave that kind of legacy.


So build your house and be proud of it.

That you fulfilled dreams, and did not sit.

You kept on going through trying times.

Helping, loving shown these signs.


So build your house, foundation set right.

You lived life well, with love in sight.

Live life without worry for me.

Live with Love, and leave your Legacy!


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