Sometimes in our lives

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Poems about life

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an original from Don Allan Dinio

There are times in our lives that we wish our best friends were our brothers and sisters and some of our families were just are our casual friends. You know why.

There are times in our lives that we wish that we can go back to the past and could relive our lives better than we did knowing the mistakes we did and the opportunities we missed. Would that be neat and great!

There are times in our lives our faith in God is greater during our times of trials and frustrations yet sometimes it is also during these challenging times that our faith in God is about to fade. Tell me about it.

There are times in our lives that our hope turns to despair. The higher your hope is...the greater is the frustration. There are times that you don’t want to hope no more knowing you will just end in despair. Keep hoping that you don’t depair.

There are times in our lives we question what goes on with our lives. Things are meant to be and like they say…things happen for a reason. That reason remains to puzzle you till you find out later why. Then you’ll say…now I know why! I wish I knew before why?

There are times in our lives we wonder why people are luckier than others. Why you suffer more than others? Why people are better than others and why others are worst than you? Why do you have to work harder to better yourself? Never ending-why‘s! Why not?

There are times in our lives we just want to ponder, think and count our blessings or sometimes our misfortunes. Times in our lives we see the inequity in life, the challenges ahead of us and what we have to accomplish to make us better and happy in this life - so others may envy us. What a cycle?

Sometimes, in our lives…we wish we were dead…but we will never know the reason why things happen to us. So, stay alive and you will find out why! Will it be worth it? Sometimes in our lives…we got to try!


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