As I reach the Golden Age

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Poems about life

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As I reach the Golden Age...
(English version of 'Sa Aking Pagtanda')
an original from Don Allan Dinio

When I get old please bear with me and be patient with me.
If by chance I break some of your fine China or spill some soup
on your expensive table cloth, please don't get mad at me.
Old folks are very sensitive. I feel bad for myself
when you yell at me. When my hearing fails and can't
comprehend what you are telling me,
please don't rub it in and tell me that I am deaf.
Just repeat yourself, better still write these
things down so I will better understand.

Be patient with me, I can sense my old age has taken me.
When I can't hardly get up because my knees are weak,
help me like I used to help you when you were just learning
how to walk. Please put up with me when I keep repeating
myself just like a broken record. Just listen to me.

Don't ridicule me or make fun of me.
Do you remember those days when you were a kid and
wanted a balloon. You kept repeating yourself over
and over and keep bugging me till I bought that balloon.
I was was not only patient with you but cared for you.

I may not smell my best now. At my age it takes the most
of my energy just to be cleaned all day or get in the shower.
My body is so weak and sometimes can't stand water temperature.
Remember when you were a kid I used to run after you and
you would hide under the bed when it is time for you to take a shower.

There are many times I feel moody...really grouchy.
Believe me, it comes with old age. When you get to where I am at,
you will definitely understand. When you got spare time,
will you spend some of them with me.
Few minutes will be appreciated.
I get so lonely here at home all by myself.
I know you guys are busy working but I know you can find
time to give me if you want to. I am so excited
just to talk to somebody or someone to talk to me.

You may not be interested or tired of my stories or what
I have to tell you...repetitious it maybe,
pretend you are listening to me.
When you were a toddler I always had time to listen
to you uttering or mumbling foreign words about your
Teddy Bear but I paid attention and patiently listened to you.

Lastly, when that time comes when I will be so sick
and be bedridden or tied to my wheelchair,
please do not turn your back. That is when I need you most.
Take care of me. There will be times you have to
clean me up, feed me and bathe me. Nasty.
Keep in mind too that those will be the last
moments of my life, bear with me.
I can feel my time won't be long.
That I promise.

When I am on my last breathe, please hold my hand.
Give me some strength to leave this earth
and die peacefully. When I get to meet my Creator,
I promise and will whisper to Him that you really
did take good care of me. Will you please?
In return...He will also bless you
for the unsolicited kind deeds you have done
towards me and your mother!


avatar bernie mcginty
So very true. I would love to post to fb but can't see how. More people need to read this.
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