Teddy Bear Poems

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Upon this page are some poems dedicated to Teddy Bears. They show the love, warmth and friendship that these little furry bundles can give to humans, be they young or old, rich or poor! Maybe one of these poems will bring back those fond childhood memories of your own beloved Teddy Bear!

"Egbert & Me"

At night when I lie fast asleep
My teddy, Egbert, wakes,
And sits upon my counterpane
Until the morning breaks:
He likes to see I get my rest,
For everybody's sakes,
So if the pirates smash the door
To steal away my toys
He fights them off with dirk and sword
But very little noise.

And if the one-eyed bogey-man
Comes breaking down the wall
He scares him off by looking fierce
But makes no sound at all.
And if the wailing ghost flies down
The chimney like a bird
He blows him back with mighty breaths
That simply can't be heard.

When, after slumbering peacefully,
I open up my eyes,
I see the sun come shining in
And find to my surprise
That Egbert's lost another ear
Upon some enterprise.
But when I ask him what he's done
He just looks smug and wise....



Go to sleep, my Teddy Bear,
Close your little button eyes,
And let me smooth your hair.
It feels so soft and silky that,
I'd love to cuddle down by you,
Go to sleep, my darling Teddy Bear.


"Teddy Worship"

All twerps who worship teddy bears,
Pathetic wimps and drips,
Who cast them soppy moist-eyed stares
And kiss them on the lips,
Those nerds who huggle Fatty Bum
And snuggle up with Gus
And fondle Lamb and Bubble Gum
Bring shame to all of us.

What is this cult of teddy love,
This arctophiliac fit
That drags the high from up above
Into the sissy pit?
What is this craze that overtakes
The sanest of the sane
And leaves them coo-ing dribble lakes
In baby dreams again?

It's sad, I said to Teddy Tub,
My friend, the other day
That grown-ups should simp and blub
And carry on this way:
You wouldn't catch me being so crass
I said, you know it's true-
It's just a special friendship as
I cuddle up to you.

Pauline Jones

"To My Teddy"

When I was only four days old
You came to live with me
And gave me all the love you hold
Quite unreservedly.

Oh Teddy Bear I still love thee
As much as I did then,
Though now we both are forty-three
And very nearly men.


"My Teddy Bear"

He sits upon his pillowed throne
A joyous smile upon his face.
And though his ears may seem outgrown
He carries them with pride and grace.

He's never cross or quick to carp
A friend in need is he to me.
When human tongues are mean and sharp
My Teddy gives me sympathy.

To him I always bare my soul
He lifts me when I'm feeling low.
And when I brag and miss my goal
He never says, "I told you so".

My friends may titter gleefully
And some may tease, but I don't care.
I hope that I will never be
Too old to love my Teddy Bear.

Jeffrey S Forman


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