Freckles Poem

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My one half is joyous and clear and light,

My other is dark and likes the night.

Hide under a veil or face the sun,

Strangers ask me "what have you done?"

It's red, it's dark, it's bright, it's there,

I wish I could hide it with my hair.

You think it's a scar, a bruise, a burn.

Why won't people ever learn?

They stare, they point, they laugh, they heckle.

Can't they see, it's only a freckle?

A spot that's known by many names.

Like "birthmark" or even "port-wine-stain".

Don't say "omygosh" or "Ew, what's that?"

It makes me feel as small as a gnat.

So please be polite when you ask me why

I have this redness around my eye.

I'll explain it, straight out, that'll be the end

Then we can move on and become friends.


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