Ode to an Apple

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I wonder why it's the apple,
Who always gets the blame.
It's uncanny how he's victimised,
In some weird occultish game.
He's got such a cultured look,
With that polished flawless skin;
I could have sworn he just gave me,
Quite a cheerful grin.
But alas, alack, and oh no! -
Not a soul appreciates him so.
First up was Adam,
And then there was Eve -
Was offered an apple,
No "excuse me" or "please".
Along came Snow White,
With her teeth of ivory.
She murdered an apple,
In hapless irony.
Apples always get the
Shortest end of things;
I'd bet you've never heard
Of an apple crowned the king.
I'd say it's about time
A helpful soul stepped in,
Before his future prospect
Gets too dim and grim.
I've thought about it,
And well - I mean,
Perhaps just once they'd settle
For using a mangosteen.


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