Ramadan is Special

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Ramadan Poems

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Close the doors of hell
Cool down the fire
Angels go ring the bell
And put on your best attire

My guests will be here soon
Be ready to serve them
They only await the sighting of the moon
Then they'll be here all women and men

This is the month of Ramadhan
In which I am their Host
To unload their sins is the plan
Let's see who can benefit the most

For every day that they fast
And every second they restrain
Turn to dust the sins of their past
And make their future paths straight and plain

Oh! Look at him who sheds tears
And whispers to Me past midnight
Take away all his fears! Increase his years!
Fill up his heart with My Light

And give to them a special gift
The gift of a special night
The night better than a thousand years
Let their spirits take flight

Come closer to Me Oh My humble slaves
I have been waiting for you for so many days
You did forget Me but I did not
My Mercy has been there with you always

Remember with Me My Prophet (SAW) too
Without him (SAW) my message would not have gotten to you
Love his progeny if you love for him is true
In their love I open the gates of Heaven for you

Come to Me, now don't be shy
You take one step closer and I'll take five
You can better yourself, you must try
Hold My hand and you will surely get by

These nights are for you
So take advantage
It saddens me to see so few
Come take advantage


avatar Wasike Aziz
The night that is better than a 1000 years ! It means that worshiping Allah during this night alone is the equivalence of worshiping him for a 1000 years. Lets prepare for that night. It's one that you can't afford to miss. I love the poem
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