The Rape Of The Virgin

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Rape Poems

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Innocence twice torn
from her sleeping body
by opportunistic and brutal invasion
Ignoring her protests
And cries of pain
They plunder her treasure
Then pull up their pants
And leave, laughingly
proud of their prowess
abandoning her
to hide from reality
behind intoxicated haze.

Denying the horror
she pulls the stupor
over her mind
like a security blanket,
until rays of light
announce the dawn,
and the dissipation of the fog
allows guilt and shame to arise
and rampage through her head,
pointing accusatory fingers at her
telling her it was her fault!

Tell no one what had happened!
The shame was hers alone to bear
No need for her mum to know
For she too would point a finger
Dont tell her dad,
He would be too ashamed to face her
Bear it alone, alone alone...
Prevent the rabid gossip
The international incident
No need for her name in the paper.
The loss of her reputation
Instead tell of 'compliance'
And boast of her 'emancipation'
Her graduation into sexual maturity
And begin the endless rounds
Of meaningless promiscuity

Seek vainly for the self-esteem
ripped from her by the invaders
hoping against hope that one of those
she offers herself to
would see beneath the surface
and deny his own wants for her
but none do...
Causing the silence to imprison her
and screaming demons of dementia
lurk inside her mind
solidifying her isolation
In the pain lying buried
Under the wound that never heals.
Weeping pestilence
That ceaselessly infects her world

Nyree M Burt - October 2003


avatar pixie
this is very well written
i can relate
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