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Rape Poems

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its hard for me to understand

too hard to comprehend

that u could do a thing like this

and still be who u were, pretend


its wrong, u know

that i should feel like this

i lost my virginity two months

before i had my first kiss


u took my innocense

u broke my soul

finish this!

before i lose control


i want to kill u

dream it every night

but yet, tomorrow

i cant put up a fight


i dont hit u

i dont scream

i let my tears fall

unheard, unseen


so when i next see you

when u hurt me again

ill still not know how

ill still take the pain


bcuz i cant tell anyone

they'll know my shame

besides i cant find the words

without giving myself the blame


what if id run faster

what if i hid behind that tree

if id kicked u harder

would u still have raped me?


avatar Gare
Omg..this poem almost made me cry.. aww soo pretty i really like it, you have talent honey.
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