Sister Lost

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Sister Poems

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Dreams are broken and
shattered with a crash.
It broke the flowing tide
of our happy laughs.
Stopped with a sudden shiver
and then no life, not even a sliver.
Taken before her precious time.
It has to be an evil crime.
Now no time is left to cry,
but I wish I could even try
to bring her back.
The skill, I sadly lack.

No one is here for me, it seems.
This could only be a bad dream.
She was lost forever with a snap.
Time then froze where I sat.
This no longer seems fair,
but somewhere I still care.
Hey sister! I really need you,
but I can no longer be with you.
I guess this act freed you
from this cruel life.


avatar Jo-Anne
This poem is awsome. My younger sister passed away on March 16/2010 of a massive heart attack and massive stroke at the age of 56, 8 years younger than me. There were five of us girls and very close to each other. My heart has been broken and I just want to tell you thanks for this poem, it is my feelings about my baby sister completely.
I just can't seem to accept that my sister is gone. We spoke on the phone several times a day and I miss that so much.
Thanks again for this wonderful poem.....
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avatar Kylie
Wow, very true but sad. I lost my sister and nephew in a car accident on October nine of 2000. I was completely shattered, and now so lost without them. My sister was my best friend. We only had each other and our dad, so I am really feeling it. This is a lovely poem,,, thanks for sharing........
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